Benefits of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL (formerly Monyog)

Welcome to our new blog series Benefits of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL (formerly Monyog). This series will discuss the features of SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL designed to enable organizations to scale their existing resources for database administration. This week, we focus on the challenges associated with MySQL and MariaDB database systems.

The MySQL and MariaDB database systems are rapidly becoming the de-facto choice for traditional enterprises as well as pioneering Web 2.0 companies. Webyog has been consistently delivering powerful tools exclusively on the MySQL and MariaDB platform for the last 15 years.

While the adoption rate of MySQL and MariaDB continues to grow in momentum, it poses some unique challenges for traditional database administrators and their organizations. Some of these challenges are:

  • Find problematic SQL queries
  • Analyze MySQL and MariaDB performance data collected over a period
  • Ensure availability of critical MySQL and MariaDB systems
  • Keep the systems well-tuned
  • Get proactive alerts before problems start surfacing
  • Identify problems quickly
  • Monitor MySQL and MariaDB server health continuously
  • Profile queries
  • Protect critical systems

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL enables database administrators to meet these challenges. It could help database administrators working for large organizations who have deployed hundreds of MySQL and MariaDB servers. It could also help database administrators working for small organizations with only a handful of MySQL and MariaDB servers. It is designed to scale resources related to database administration by providing a unified view of the health, security, performance, and availability of the entire MySQL and MariaDB server environment.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is a ‘database administrator in a box’ for MySQL and MariaDB that enables database administrators to manage more database servers, tune their database servers, and find and fix problems with their database applications before they become serious problems and costly outages. It proactively monitors enterprise database environments. It provides expert advice on how even those who are new to MySQL and MariaDB can tighten security, optimize performance and reduce downtime of their MySQL and MariaDB powered systems.

Read more in the full solution brief.

Find and fix MySQL performance problems on-premises and in the cloud with SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL.

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