Introducing actionable charts in Monyog MySQL Monitor

While Monyog MySQL Monitor is being embraced by DBAs and DevOps around the world, we are constantly adding more features to make MONyog the most complete MySQL monitoring tool.

Monyog ships 40+ MySQL and system metric charts. It also lets you add custom charts. With the latest update, we have made Charts more powerful by adding few important features to help you find problem queries with ease.

Here’s a 1 minute video to walk you through the new features.

Existing customers can download Monyog 6.33 from Customer Area. To evaluate Monyog 6.33, please download a 14-day trial.

We are really excited about this update and we hope you like the new features. Please feel free to share your feedback.

Team Monyog


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  1. 1
    Charlie Arehart

    The new charts are indeed interesting.

    But so also is the narrator’s pronunciation of the product name. πŸ™‚ He says it as almost 3 syllables: “MON-EE-ogg”. Is that the correct way? I always assumed it was just “MON-yogg”.

    Can anyone from the company perhaps clarify? I’m asking this sincerely, not being snarky. Since I refer my consulting clients to it often, I want to say it the “right” way. Thanks.

  2. 3

    It is “MONyog”- as it is also “SQLyog” and “Webyog”.

    “yog” is basically the same word os “yoga”. They both have sanskrit origins. But where “yoga” is a word of its own, “yog” is used either as a suffix or a prefix to other words. Its meaning is closely linked with early Indian philosohphy from Vedic period (around 2500-3000 years ago) and is difficult to translate to a modern context. Personally I think that a reasonable modern translation would be “best practices”.

    So ‘MONyog’ could translate to ‘best practices of monitoring”.

  3. 4
    Charlie Arehart

    Thanks, folks. (Though, Peter, when you say that the yog is “basically the same word as yoga”, do you mean that only in the sense of meaning, or also in the sense of pronunciation? yohg vs yawg?)

    Again, if one may wonder why I press about this, it’s just that I speak to folks about the tool all the time and just want to pronounce it the way the company would expect us to. πŸ™‚ It was only when I heard that video that I was thrown from my long-standing presumption.

    I’ll hope that Chetan’s confirmation of MON-yogg indicates that it is more like “yawg”, and with the accent on the first syllable. πŸ™‚ Thanks

  4. 5
    Charlie Arehart

    One last thing, if I may. Chetan, since you’re the author of this post, perhaps you may have a thought…

    It doesn’t seem that this blogging system sends emails to folks to let them know of new comments. I had to think to come back here and check, which is why I’m writing a week later.

    Some blogs offer an option to choose to be emailed, others (without such an option) just presume to send them. This one doesn’t seem to do either. Is that really the expectation?

    It would be a shame if emails are never sent, because some will not bother to track that they’ve left a comment, and will just await a reply. If they’re never notified, then they may never come back to see your reply, and your effort in responding would in effect be wasted, which seems a shame all around.

    As always, just trying to help.

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