MONyog 5.0 Beta 1: A brand new user interface!

Important note:  if you have used a previous MONyog version you should clear the browser cache before using this build for the first time.

First of all this release of MONyog gives a brand new look to MONyog’s user interface and improves navigation in the MONyog pages.

As a consequence of this some controls and some information has been re-arranged – including:
* Introduced a left panel that contains the list of servers registered in MONyog, ‘Tools’ & ‘Customize’. The ‘List of servers’ page has been removed. Users can now select/unselect servers from this panel.
* Previously available icons for Edit server/Duplicate server/Diagnostic reports etc now appear as a drop down menu next to each server.
* Previously the ‘Customization’ page appeared under ‘Tools’, now it appears as ‘Customize’ on the left panel.
* ‘Manage Custom SQL Objects’ are now available under ‘Manage changes’ under ‘Customize’.
* The global notifications come on the top right hand corner before the help button.
* Pagination added in Query Analyzer page. This removes the previous limitation of 200 queries in the result set.
* The “Global Notifications” come on the top right hand corner next to log-out button.

* Enhanced browser level caching.

* The MONyog API responses are now in the following JSON format: {“STATUS”: “SUCCESS/FAILURE”, “RESPONSE” : “<Response text>”}.
* Query Analyzer will now display query text up to 5000 characters (before it was 2000).
* We have stopped supporting IE-7 (Internet explorer) from this version.

Please note that the documentation updates are in progress, but not complete with this beta release.



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    For production use I would wait at least for next beta (probably by end of next week). We had some issues reported – they are not serious and mostly GUI related and do not affect stability etc.

    Also screenshots at are for latest GA version.

    If you want to see 5.0 I suggest you install to another machine.

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    The new UI is great. much more logical.

    I do hope the rendering of de graphs will change as it is way too slow. My browser (Firefox and Chrome) literaly blocks when rendering a dashboard with 8 graphs showing 50 collections each. This really downgrades the user experience for me.

  3. 7

    I believe 5 minutes. The blocking of the browser is only when initially loading the dashboard. I would like to have all my servers on the dashboard, with more then 50 collections in each chart, but that just makes it unworkable.

    Maybe switching from highchart to something new like flotr2?

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