Monyog MySQL Monitor 5.51 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 5.5) include:

* Added a number of monitors and advisors – mostly based on metrics exposed by MySQL 5.5+.
* In the ‘Real Time’ interface user may now define the threshold for when a query should be considered slow. Lowest possible setting is 1 second.
* In the ‘Real Time’ interface queries are now truncated after 5000 characters.  Before it was 1000.
*  ‘queries’ and ‘slow queries’ can now be exported to CSV in the ‘Real Time’ interface.
*  Original query formatting is now retained in Real-Time.
*  User Manager has added a privilege to allow (or not) to ‘view literals’ in Query Analyzer page for non-admin users.  This can be used for blocking access to read sensitive data for such users and still giving them access to use the Query Analyzer.
*  Added an option in ‘Real-Time’ to view all saved sessions for all selected servers.
*  Added a ‘thread count’ showing number of currently running threads on ‘Processlist’ page.

Bug fixes:
* In the ‘Real Time’ interface displaying large BULK INSERTS was slow.
* Logging out from MONyog while ‘Real Time’ was populating could crash MONyog.  Linux – and not Windows – was affected.
*  In the replication overview page MONyog will now show ‘binlog’ file name and it’s position wherever it applies (where binlogging is enabled). Before it was showing only for master servers.
* In the Monitors page the percentage of SELECTS  did not display. This was unlike INSERTS, DELETES and UPDATES .
*  A ‘Long running query’ email alert has added a note clarifying that when the alert was sent the query may still be running.  Before it could be understood like the alert was sent after query had completed.


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