“Robust Tool for Monitoring & Managing MariaDB Servers”: Dermot Brereton

Learn how the Senior Database Administrator at Sysnet Global Solutions optimized the MariaDB database performance.

Sysnet Global Solutions provide services that improve security at acquiring organisations operating in the payment card industry. Services include cybersecurity and compliance solutions that help the acquiring organisations to reduce risk. Their cybersecurity solutions and extraordinary services and support also empower the acquirers’ customers to be secure and compliant.

Monitoring MariaDB Databases

Sysnet Global Solutions manage a number of MariaDB database servers that require monitoring in off-shore locations. The prime challenge faced by the company was to find a cost-effective monitoring tool that will help them optimize MariaDB database performance. Before opting for Monyog, Dermot Brereton evaluated a number of open-source tools such as Cacti and Percona Monitoring and Management that could help them ease the task of monitoring and finding issues. The rich features and the ease to install/use the tool made Monyog the perfect match to the company’s suite of IT monitoring products.

Robust tool for Monitoring MariaDB

Dermot found most of the Monyog features extremely useful, meeting his server monitoring needs. Query Analyzer helped identify poorly performing SQL and provided the ability to help tune the performance. Alerting and monitoring InnoDB deadlocks in real-time helped to stay ahead of problems when data concurrency issues occur. Dermot also found the Server Config feature to be extremely helpful in identifying variables that are set differently across database hosts. He also feels the agentless monitoring helps his organisation to provide a “big picture” view of the entire IT stack both on-premise and in the cloud.

As Dermot puts it,

“In my view, our organisation now has a cost-effective, agent-less and robust tool for monitoring and managing the MariaDB estate.”


Dermot’s experience of the tool to date is that it has largely delivered in terms of expectation and he has found the interaction experience to be very positive.

Dermot says, “ The team was of great assistance during the evaluation process by organising online demonstrations and answering queries to ensure customer satisfaction at each step.’’

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    If I interrupt a Database Diagnostic process, are tabas damaged?
    =================================================== ==============
    I am in SQLyog running a diagnosis of a Database, through the Tools menu -> Table Diagnostics -> I selected all the tables of the BD (In total there are 1,228 tables approx.) -> I executed the option “Check” (with ” Extended “).
    But the process from the beginning showed in the title of its window the following message:
    “Table Diagnostics (Not Responding)”
    If I click to close the process window, it then shows me the following warning:
    “Windows can try to restore the program. If you restore or close the program, you might lose information.” And it gives me 3 options:
    (a) Try to restore the program
    (b) Close the program
    (c) Wait for the program to respond
    (attached image)

    If I choose “(b) Close the program” or “(a) Try to restore the program”, will tables in the Database be damaged?
    The process takes two (2) hours already, with the window saying “Table Diagnostics (Not Responding)”.
    What should I do ?

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