Rockstar DBA: An Interview with Manojit Paul

This article is a part of our Rockstar DBA initiative, a platform for thought leaders to share their knowledge and make a positive contribution towards the database management community.

Manojit Paul, with more than 19 years of professional DBA experience in enterprise database solutions, especially Sybase product set and database infrastructure is our first Rockstar DBA.

Let’s hear from Manojit about how he manages MySQL databases, why he loves Monyog, his advice to young DBA’s and more.

How do you manage your MySQL databases?
We presently have 9 MySQL servers in production trading environment, all being managed via a host of automated scripts which I’ve created and manual intervention when issues are reported. We deploy Monyog for managing 5 of these critical MySQL instances.

What are your biggest challenges when dealing with MySQL databases?
MySQL is not real enterprise class (evident from Gartner Reports omissions) and the rest of our database infrastructure relies on Sybase ASE and replication platform used for actual trading and logistics. We do have selective schema replication in MySQL but lack of proper scaling and optimization is a challenge.

How does Monyog help you? What’s your favorite feature?
We deploy Monyog for the MySQL monitoring and its web based dashboard helps with quicker problem identification and resolution. What I really like about Monyog is the dashboard with real-time statistics along with the charts displaying the overall performance metrics.

Do you use other tools to manage your MySQL servers?
We do not use any other MySQL related tools except the dbadmin scripts I have written.

According to you, what is the future of MySQL?
I want MySQL to compete with Percona/MariaDB and keep up with the feature sets that are still missing, like object level replication and online database backups and more support for the community version too.

What blogs/forums/magazines do you follow regularly?
Gartner reports related to database technology
ISUG (sybase)

What advice can you offer to young enthusiasts who want to pursue a career as DBA?
I personally follow these basic rules. Not sure who gave these to me, they are helping me all along my professional life.

  1. Assume nothing
  2. Have contingencies
  3. Simplify
  4. Plan and Execute with precision
  5. Strive for Zero Defect work

We are thankful to Manojit Paul for sharing his thoughts with us. We would love to hear your feedback as comments about our Rockstar DBA initiative.

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    Morgan Tocker

    Hi Manojit,

    The current GA of MySQL 5.6 Community Server adds more more new features than any prior release of MySQL. This has independently been verified by the community, for example:

    Online backups are available for InnoDB tables (default) via mysqldump or MySQL Enterprise Backup.

    Replication filtering is improved in MySQL 5.7 with the online CHANGE REPLICATION FILTER command:

    Earlier releases also featured replication filters via server configuration:

    If you would like to elaborate on which features are missing from MySQL, we would be interested in hearing your feedback 🙂 You can reach me via


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      Karthik Suroju

      Hi Morgan,

      This is what Manojit has to say-

      “My experience with mysql is limited to 5.6.24 standard commercial version at this moment.

      The issues I mentioned merely states the new deployment pain we had when we migrated to the Standard Commercial/Community version 5.6 on Linux from older deployments on Solaris. Chances are there are fixes/features forthcoming to address such issues.

      1. replication feature : building consolidated server.

      So we want to build a central consolidated instance and wish to replicate three separate databases from three separate instances with filtering.

      As far as I know we can only have one primary instance for a mysql instance.

      2. Consolidated binary log causing replication slowness.

      Suppose we replicate 2 dbs one extra-large with lots of transactions ( batch + oltp ) and other critical catalog data type.

      Both getting logged in the same bin-log and so the xlarge transaction from the big db stands in the way for the small transaction replication of the smaller db.

      3. We are now a Linux shop and it seems most of the current distros of linux including Opensuse and Fedora and RHEL are replacing “Mysql” with MariaDB. I have reason to believe that this being equally free must be driven also by “demand” from technical / user community.

      4. As far as missing features , I see a lot of new feature sets are forthcoming in the 5.7 release and hopefully in 5.6 version.

      So far our only excitement has been the new “Mysql Fabric” which we are looking into now.

      But the web is still filled with these type of suggestions for DBAs:

      5. I have not used enterprise mysql backup but so far I have not found a real working solution to migrating a whole Mysql Instance using MySQLdump backups for DR.

      6. We had some teething pains with query performances including replication performance too.. Mysql support did help but we ultimately had to upgrade our hardware to bypass the issues.”

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